С. В. Пустовіт, В. І. Котков


The key task of the agroindustrial complex of the country is the steady increase of grain production, which is necessary for the formation of sowing funds, the provision of foodstuffs for the population and animal husbandry with feed, which is achieved due to the improvement of the process of grain separation on combine harvesters. Accordingly, the purpose of the study was to substantiate the operating modes of the sieve prethreshing device, which affects the process of separation of grain from spiked pile. On the basis of a comparative analysis of the mechanization of grain harvesting, it has been shown that combine harvesting methods for grain crops will remain dominant in the near future. Therefore, we investigated the basic mode parameters of cleaning, which are aimed at further increasing the capacity of the combines. According to the results of the research, mathematical models were obtained, which will allow to estimate the degree of independent and joint influence of the basic parameters of the process of separation of spikelets on the initial parameters - the completeness of separation from the spiked heap of free grain and the passage through the sieve of grain with uncoated spikelets. Accordingly, a compromise problem was solved, in which it was necessary to find the values of the factors that ensure the maximum completeness of separation from the spiked heap of free grain with minimal passage through the sieve of grain with uncoated spikelets. The method of planning of multifactor experiments for the substantiation of the modes of operation of the sieve of the pre-threshing device is presented, and the essential requirements in the selection of factors for carrying out studies of these processes are presented. Cross sections of the response surfaces are constructed, which characterize the indicators of the completeness of discharge of free grain from a colossal heap and the passage through the sieve of grain with uncoated spikelets depending on the opening of the sieve louvers and the frequency of its oscillations.


colossal heap; mathematical model; the intersections of the response surfaces; dimensional analysis; planning method; separate sieve; mode of operation; grain; completeness of selection


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