К. Б. Волощук, Ю. О. Волощук, В. Р. Волощук, С. В. Богачик


The study looks at the cause-and-effect relationship between the level of Internet access and distribution, the country's development rate and the foundations for e-commerce development and economic growth, considering ebusiness as a general concept that covers forms of business transactions conducted remotely using information - telecommunication systems, which causes the participants of such relations to have rights and obligations of property character which are carried out by e-way with the help of global computer the Internet or any other information network, covering not only the sales and sales operations related to online sales and order processing, but also the support of the processes of creating demand for products and services, meeting the changing needs more comfortably for consumers as well as for manufacturers, as well as automation of administrative functions, improvement of information exchange between partners and all counterparties, stakeholders, in order to automate business processes to optimize costs and increase economic in the context of globalization and integration. The research methodology is based on theoretical developments and scientific tools, including methods of dynamic series construction, comparative and economic analysis, allows to systematize and determine trends of ecommerce development for further economic development. The source of the survey data is the UNCTAD ecommerce development index level and its components in Ukraine, published by UNCTAD, taking into account the period 2015-2018, as well as e-commerce development data in the world. The ways of solving problems of taking into account modern trends of development of e-commerce are generalized. It is proved that the demand and supply for goods and services is established directly on the Internet, changing the traditional mechanism of sale of goods, the choice of which is made directly on the Internet, where transactions and payments are made. It has been proven that the development of technologies and information networks not only revolutionized communication, but also significantly influenced a number of economic processes related to business development. Trends of continuous growth of sales on the Internet and a share of mobile shopping are revealed, the basic innovative trends of development of e-commerce are established


e-commerce; e-commerce; Internet; information and communication technologies; business; selling


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