П. П. Федірко, В. О. Кроль, В. С Бончик


The article presents the study results of the anaerobic materials effect on the strength of threaded connections in the repair of machinery and equipment. Their use is the simplest, most economical and reliable method of fixing and restoring threaded connections. The basis of the anaerobic compositions is polymerization compounds of the acrylic series, most often dimethacrylic and polyalkylene glycol ethers, which are characterized by a high conversion rate into spatially cross-linked polymers. Unlike mechanical methods of fixation and recovery, anaerobic materials completely fill the space between the threads of the spiral. This significantly increases the friction between the parts of the connection, improves the protection of the metal of the interface against corrosion, increases the torque when unscrewing in relation to the tightening torque, increases the resistance of the connection to the action of vibration, shock, shock loads. For the research, anaerobic thread locks were purchased, which were tested according to the same procedure and, after 24 hours at room temperature, each connection was clamped in a vice in turn so that the head of the torque wrench captures only the top nut, which had to be unscrewed. The rate of hardening of anaerobic adhesives is influenced by the size of the gaps between the combined surfaces, temperature, cleaning quality, the nature of the coating, etc. It has been established that the presence of polymerized anaerobic materials in the contact zone of parts significantly increases the strength of the joints. The conducted studies allowed to verify in practice the conformity of the tested anaerobic clamps of threaded connections to the stated parameters, to delineate the scope of their application. So, anaerobic adhesives for fixing threaded connections allow you to fix screws, nuts, bolts and pins to protect against loosening and loosening due to vibration


anaerobic materials; threaded connections; adhesion; repair; recovery; fixation; gap


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