Н. М. Лис, Н. Л. Ткачук, Р. С. Іванюк


The current study deals with the development of scientific strategies for growing bioenergy crops in Ukraine that will assist the increasing of biomass in energy balance of Ukraine. Experimental research studies on determining the growth characteristics and development of energy willow on soddy ash gray soil according to the farming cultivation was carried out on the research fields of the Carpathian State Agricultural experimental station of the Institute of Agriculture in the Carpathian region of the NAAN and in laboratory conditions. The features of growth and development of energy willow varieties according to the growing conditions of the Western region for biofuels production was studied on the basis of quadruplex repetition. It was found that energy willow in the conditions of the Western region in terms of mineral fertilization with N40P300K300 and with the help of increasing the planting step to 60 cm influences the intensive noduling of vegetative mass. In this version the biggest height shoots (180 cm) is fixed. The increasing of seeding step from 40 cm to 60 cm in energy willow planting allows to get additionally 4,2 t/ ha of green mass and 1,9 t/ ha of dry mass. Mineral fertilization provides the increase of the productivity of 2,1 - 2,5 t/ ha of green mass and 0,5 - 1,0 t/ha of dry mass. On the basis of analyses of weeds change we can conclude that application of mechanical processing allowed to control the wild grass at possible level. However, some time after the treatments, shoots of annual and perennial weeds appeared. But the interrow tillage and bringing the herbicides provided practically full keeping down the weeds in the first half of willow vegetation


energy willow; agro technics; biometrical indexes; green mass; dry substance; mineral fertilizers


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