• А. С. Федяєва Genetics, Breeding and Selection Technologies Department Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy,


genotype, breed, sperm quality, boars


The parameters of certified boar sperm of big white breed (Landrace, Duroc hybrid) are examined. According to this method, the morphological parameters of different sperm genotype: the length and width of sperm head, square head, the length of the middle part and the dry matter content in the sperm cell, including dry weight of head and dry weight of the middle part of the reproductive cells of the boar were determined. The defined pathological forms of sperms cells (teratospermia) have both genetic and paratypic dependence. On the basis of modern biophysical methods the interference microscopy of male gametes has been studied, the method of large bifurcation of images in a uniform interference field creates good conditions (with an increase of 200-1000 times) for objective morphological and genetic evaluation of sperm. The defects of sperm are classified according to E. Bloom. The major defects - degenerative, double forms, button acrosome, movable separate tail, head dyad, pear-shaped heads, narrowed base, anomalous contour, small anomalous heads, individual pathological heads, corkscrew mitochondrial cover, shortened middle part, proximal droplet, pseudo-droplet and. doug defect; minor narrow heads, small normal heads, giant and wide short heads, separate normal heads, non-axial attachment, distal droplet, simple fracture of tail, annular tail are examined in the study. In addition, in interference contrast, the following defects are additionally resolved: the uneven distribution of the chromatin material in the heads, the acrosome membranes, the neck, the middle part, and others. Table 3 shows the frequency of sperm defects of different genotype boars and their rating by quantitative sperm analysis. In Landrace breed boar sperm the frequency of sperm defects was 10.3%, in the large white breed boar 16.5%, in the terminal boar 4.9, 5.4%, indicating a low quality of their sperm and the need for clinical studies of these animals with the purpose of determining the disease and eliminating the causes that cause the appearance of pathological spermatozoa in the ejaculate of breeding boars-producers

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А. С. Федяєва, Genetics, Breeding and Selection Technologies Department Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy

PhD student

Fedyaeva A. S.


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