• М. В. Матковська Institute of Agriculture of Carpathian Region of NAAS Obroshyne,


winter barley, growth regulators, yield, length of ear, weight of the grain from ear, weight of 1000 seeds


Winter barley is a valuable grain crop grown throughout Ukraine. With increasing intensification of agriculture, the the issue of obtaining a high and stable yield is up-to-date one. Barley cultivation is the protection from lodging, because it leads to significant loss of yield and grain quality. In order to study this issue in Western Forest Steppe of Ukraine the research that involved the study of the impact on the structure of the Wintmalt barley yield and the application of growth regulators was done. The researches were carried out during 2015-2017 at the TOV «Mayak» in Khmelnitskyi region, in BASF agrarian center according to the methodology of B. A. Dospekhov in three replication. The application of different growth regulators in key stages of winter barley, stage of the beginning stem elongation and flag leaf stage was examined. It has been found that the elements of winter barley yield depend on the use of plant growth regulator. It was established that the treatment of crops by plant growth regulators increases the number of productive stems growth at 2-25 number/m2 depending on the variant of application of growth regulators. The weight of the grain was about 1,12-1,21 g. In variants with two-fold application of growth regulators in the stage of the beginning stem elongation and the stage of the flag leaf, these indicators were higher than for single-use variants. The number of grains in the ear was obtained in the range of 23.4-25.3 pcs. Insignificant influence of growth regulators on formation weight of one thousand grain and the figure was whithin 48,0-48,3 g. The average Wintmalt yield for research period (2015-2017) was whithin 7,48-8,38 t/ha. Application of Chlormequat-chloride, s. l. 1.5 l/h (BBCH 31) + Medax Top, s. c. 1,0 l/ha (BBCH 37-39) and Chlormequat-chloride, s. l. 1,5 l/ha + Modus e. s. 0,5 l/ha (BBCH 31) + Terpal s. l. 1,0 l/ha (BBCH 37-39) gives the opportunity to get the highest yield. The increase in yield compare to control in these variants was 11,6-12,1%

Author Biography

М. В. Матковська, Institute of Agriculture of Carpathian Region of NAAS Obroshyne

PhD student

Matkovska M.V.


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