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Foreign experience of pension systems was studied, the main methods of financing pension systems were grounded, possible use of the world experience in advanced reforming pensions of Ukraine were characterized. The establishment of pension provision institute was covered In the article. The reasons and peculiarities of pension systems reforming in different countries based on demographic, social, financial,
political and cultural characteristics of their development were researched. Recommendations on pension reform in Ukraine were formulated. The problem of pensions are important for all countries. Recently, most countries are facing serious social problems that threaten public finance crisis, one of the most critical elements of the crisis
was the population pension system. Since neither solidary nor funded system do not solve the pressure from the aging population, financial capabilities do not meet the needs of funding as all the time need for
their support is growing.
Analysis of global pension systems confirms the need to reform the first public pension systems
would increase the retirement age, restructuring public pension system towards the introduction of multimixed
pension system, privatization, if necessary, parts of pension programs, to enable diversified
investment existing trust funds or the creation of new, changing the base for calculating pensions.


pension; social protection; international experience; pension insurance; pension system; pension reform; pensions; reform


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