О. М. Семенов, В. В. Підлісний, М. І. Палилюлько


The estimation of possibilities of achievement of aseptic effects on a micro flora and cooling of bottles is offered. The research corresponds to many types of products that need no less considerable technological and power efforts what in those cases, when thermal treatment touches the packed and pressurized products. Such methods include: "...sterile product in sterile terms is packed in a sterile container...". The result of the developed method is an analysis of influences of vacuum zing and filling of glass bottles dioxide of carbon in the processes of their preparation to packing. Aggregate of physical and chemical methods which are used in the processes of preparation of glass, tin jars and bottles, pellicle or combined materials from which the "soft" packing is formed and others like that, allow to provide longterm storage of products


analysis; laws; pocketing; equilibrium; lethal effects; microorganisms


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