Т. І. Гунчак


Study of the plant sweet sorghum growing; developing and productivity during the different terms of planting and different ways of care in the conditions South –Western Forest Steppe of Ukraine. We examine the species composition of weed. There were established herbicides for the sweet sorghum plant growing and developing. There were made two-years investigations for determining vegetative mass of plant in dynamics; which showed the best indexes in plant’s height; leaf’s quantity and the leaf area surface during their vegetation. There were some varieties for the herbicide Primextra Gold usage. This herbicide provides the yield forming of herbage-72;8 t/ha with sugar content in cellular fluid-18;5% on the meadow- chernozemic soil at the conditions of the first term sowing on the width of row spacing 70 cm. You may receive the yield’s capacity cultivar without chemical herbicide usage on the level 37;9 t/ha; at the sweet sorghum’s sowing in the latter half of May in the condition of the presowing cultivation; which destroyed the first wave of weed.


sweet sorghum; sowing terms; yield capacity; herbicide; herbage


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