Assimilation Performance of Blue Lupine Depending on the Elements of Cultivation Technology in Conditions of Ukrainian Polissia

В. І. Ратошнюк


The purpose of this article is to study of characteristics of leaf surface formation by plants of blue lupine; accumulation of dry substance; determination of net planting productivity of photosynthesis depending on variety; fertilizer; sowing method; seeding rate and the conditions of mineral nutrition; taking into account the effect of foliar application in different phases of culture development. Optimization of the conditions of mineral nutrition by mineral fertilizers in N30-60Р60К60 norm in combination with two foliar feedings by water-soluble nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers with microelements provides the formation of the largest indicators of leaf area; photosynthetic potential and photosynthetic plant productivity of blue lupine; which in its turn creates the preconditions of its maximum productivity.


blue lupine; photosynthetic activity; leaves surface; dry matter; net photosyntetical productivity; fertilizing; sowing method and sowing seeds rates; foliar feeding; Polissya zone


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